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Solocube is known for creating unique and meaningful brands that connect with consumers and buyers instantly. We ensure that the core values and principles of your company come through in both, the brand and the logo that we design for you. More importantly, we try to capture the true essence of your company and what it stands for, so that your logo can then rightly become a symbol of the promise you made to your buyers.




Logo Design and Brand Development by Solocube CreativeLogo Design & Branding

A logo is a pictographic representation that embodies the brand value of your company. Being an entity in itself, a well designed logo is crucially important to portray a strong, professional and efficient image of your business. So, logo design is one aspect that you just cannot take lightly.

This is why, at Solocube, our creative designers work closely with you so that we can understand what your brand represents and come up with a logo that not only personifies your core values but also distinguishes your brand from that of your competitors.



Branding your Reputation

Brand value and reputation are not one and the same. The brand value of your business is the promise and commitment that you make to your customers about providing high quality products and services.

Reputation, on the other hand, indicates how well your business keeps the promise and commitment that it has made.

Brand commands respect and dependability while reputation commands patronage and goodwill. However, what is important is to realize that your reputationcan be branded.

At Solucube, we create relevant and intelligent graphic design that portrays your brand as trustworthy and efficient. With your reputation being branded, you notice a significant increase in your customer base, customer retention, sales and profitability.


Logo Design Process

1 | Design Brief

We begin with scheduling a meeting with you to develop a design brief. This is a document that meticulously outlines your requirements and gives us all the information that we need to create the best logo for your brand.

2 | Research

In order to design a powerful logo, we need to understand the mindset and sensibilities of your target customers. It helps us channel our skills in the right direction and design a logo that makes a connection with your clientele. So, we carry out extensive research through online free and paid surveys, interaction on social media and several other ways. Research also includes studying your industry and its history.  Before picking up our pencils, we refer and study the logos of your competitors so that your logo can be unique and more powerful.

3 | Reference

Reference from other relevant logos gives us deep insights into what makes a design effective and what can backfire. We perceive the current trends of your industry and analyze designs that have garnered maximum positive response.

4 | Sketching and conceptualizing

Sketching and conceptualizing is the stage where we let our creative juices flow to the fullest. We conceptualize a design that imbibes all the requirements and results of the design brief, research and reference.

We work with two objectives in mind – firstly, the logo has to meticulously represent your business ethics and brand value, and secondly, it has to connect with your clientele.

After conceptualizing, pencils connect with paper and our team of designers sketch the first draft of the logo. We come up with different concepts and create a logo graphic design for each of them.

5 | Reflection

We temporarily detach ourselves from the logo design project for short durations. We call it our “working holiday”. This temporary detachment helps us analyze the design critically, come up with new ideas and improve the quality of graphic design.

6 | Revisions and positioning

We revise the designs and hold a discussion with you. We consider your suggestions about changing certain aspects of the designs. We also give our inputs. In this stage, we make further revisions based on our discussion and finalize on a few designs for the final presentation.

7 | Presentation

We present only the best of the designs created for your logo so that you can save time. We describe how each of the designs is apt for your brand. The final choice is, of course, all yours.

8 | Delivery and support

Exultation courses through us as we deliver the final logo. However, we do not rest until you are completely satisfied. We are open for more discussions and offer uninhibited support.

At Solocube, we blend creativity with professionalism and advanced technical graphic design to create a logo that enhances your brand value and subsequently attracts more customers and increases the profitability of your business.


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